Tim Berners-Lee calls for internet bill of rights to ensure greater privacy | Technology | The Guardian

The inventor of the world wide web has warned that the freedom of the internet is under threat by governments and corporations interested in controlling the web.

The interesting part is that TBL now calls for protection from the threat of governments AND corporations.

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Mark Fuller, Domestic Violence, and Privacy

In most of its details, the domestic-violence case of Mark Fuller was not all that unusual. One night in August, a woman called 911 from a hotel room in Atlanta, pleading for help, because a man was beating her. When the police arrived, Fuller’s wife, Kelli, opened the door. She had “visible lacerations to her mouth and forehead,” the police report said. During an argument in which she had accused her husband of infidelity, the report continued, she said that he “threw her to the ground and kicked her. Mrs. Fuller also stated she was dragged around the room and Mr. Fuller hit her in the mouth several times with his hands.” Fuller said that he had been defending himself from his wife after she threw a glass at him while he was watching TV.



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After throttling the development of Facebook, Twitter or Google, China launches a record IPO in the US with Alibaba

An Insider’s Account of the Yahoo-Alibaba Deal - Sue Decker - Harvard Business Review

The NYT has a nice article on China and its war with foreign Web giants. The US were the main target as Facebook and Twitter have been censored for a long time. And Google’s market share in China was reduced to 1,7% in 2013. But it also target other countries such as South Korea with Line and Kakao Talk being brutally blocked this summer.

And now…China has produced many highly successful web businesses and Alibaba is having a record IPO in NYC.  Funny.

For those interested, the story of the IPO is a fascinating read in HBR – An Insider’s Account of the Yahoo-Alibaba Deal

Comme pour ses startups, la Californie soutient directement son industrie du cinéma

La Californie défend Hollywood à coups de crédits d’impôt, Médias

Le « Golden State » triple son soutien financier aux productions cinématographiques.Les subventions sont accordées en fonction du nombre d’emplois créés par chaque tournage.

La Californie défend Hollywood à coups de crédits d’impôt, Médias.

After being fired from @LeMonde, Dao Nguyen quintupled @Buzzfeed traffic in two years.

The Data Genius Behind Buzzfeed's Success | Inc.com

« BuzzFeed is a place where people are set up for success because it’s a culture where you’re allowed to do your job, » she says,  citing a lack of bureaucracy, clear objectives, and plentiful resources as the keys to the ecosystem in which she’s thrived…

Not like @LeMonde ?

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