Pew Institute: Will AI and Robotics displace more jobs than they create?

Experts are still divided in this Pew release, but the prospects look bleak.

The positive side is rather contradictory and not-convincing. It goes like this:

  • Advances in Technology have historically be a net creator of jobs.
  • Ok, maybe it’s different this time, but we will invent new jobs.
  • Ok, maybe there won’t be any new job that cannot be automated, but we will redefine our relation with work and won’t need jobs anymore.

Meh ?!?

On the negative side:

  • Everybody will be impacted, blue-collard jobs as well as white-collar jobs.
  • The disparition of their jobs won’t offer better opportunities to people, but push downwards.
  • We have no idea how to control this evolution.

What are they describing there? A new digital displacement that will only benefit the rich and the powerful? Just have a look at the report, it’s a nice must-read.