Lawrence Lessig interviewe Edward Snowden

C’est toujours un plaisir de suivre les travaux de Lawrence Lessig, et cette interview d’Edward Snowden ne fait pas exception à la règle.

Snowden fait plusieurs assertions relatives au développement de la société de surveillance, un lecteur de Slashdot a identifié les points les plus saillants :

Pour la petite histoire, c’est dans la même salle que j’avais eu l’occasion il y a quelques années de voir un autre professeur de Harvard défendre la mise en place de la surveillance de masse et les mesures spéciales contre les terroristes. C’est la routourne qui tourne.

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  1. I am a bit torn between my agreement with the basic tenets of democracy and transparency – bolstered by the sanctity of privacy protection – and the very pragmatic lack of any felt injury caused by the idea of government surveillance… reason being that what motivates that surveillance is not the need to upsell me some products, use my data to boost marketing potential, humiliate me, reduce my chances of securing employment, lower me in the eyes of my peers, or to reveal some regrettable activity – frankly, in the span of an ordinary, law-abiding citizen’s online or telecom activity, there is dear little that would interest the government. Thus this idea of public’s lost seat at the table is somehow less convincing as for many, that seat is just not that great of a stake. The sense of invasiveness is there – true – but other than that, in a legal mindset, we always look to the ends and ask: what’s the damage? I am in no way promoting, supporting or even apologizing for state surveillance… I am simply pointing out the difference between an invasion of privacy by private or corporate actors and those who have national interests (be they watered down to serve self-preservation interests of certain public individuals, an example of which I could not find from the Snowden leakage yet..) at hand.

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