La triste histoire de Silicon Graphics

Qui n’a pas rêvé devant les photos des stations de travail  qu’on pouvait voir passer dans les magazines d’informatique ?

Back in July, 1995, no computer maker was flying higher than Silicon Graphics Inc. Its dazzling three-dimensional graphics computers had a starring role animating the fearsome dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Nintendo was using the same technology to give the Mario Brothers a face-lift and to design a new generation of arcade-like game machines. And sales were soaring. For the fiscal year ended that June 30, revenue skyrocketed 45%, to $2.2 billion–far outpacing all rivals. To top it off, CEO Edward R. McCracken was a White House regular, hobnobbing with Bill Clinton and Al Gore. SGI’s sexy image prompted a Wall Street analyst to label it  »the new Apple. »

L’histoire ou l’épistémologie de l’innovation, voilà une matière qui devrait commencer à être enseignée quelque part – ça l’est peut-être d’ailleurs.


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