What if algorithmic regulation was just libertarian paternalism?

The objections about dignity and manipulation that I’ve been considering can sound hysterical. In that world almost every decision is manipulated in this way. Choice architects nudge almost everything I choose and do, and this is complemented by the independent activity of marketers and salesmen, who nudge away furiously for their own benefit. I’m not sure I want to live in nudge-world, though—as a notoriously poor chooser—I appreciate the good-hearted and intelligent efforts of choice architects such as Sunstein to make my autonomous life a little bit better. I wish, though, that I could be made a better chooser rather than having someone on high take advantage (even for my own benefit) of my current thoughtlessness and my shabby intuitions.

Meritocratic libertarian paternalism… the future?

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WhatsApp : de 0 à 21,8 milliards de dollars en 5 ans!

In April, said it had 500 million “regular, active” users with growing numbers from Brazil, Russia, India and Mexico.

Est-ce qu’on a vraiment raison de dire que la guerre est perdue sur les moteurs de recherche, les réseaux sociaux, etc. Si une société est capable de réussir à re-challenger des sociétés comme Google ou en moins de cinq ans, pourquoi là bas et pourquoi pas ici ?

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